Clownatarian Award

The MACA is the only clown organization that gives a Clownatarian award every year and that’s because, we made it up!  Way back, when the MACA was being formed, The Keystone Klowns decided they wanted to give an award to a clown for just being a great clown person.  There was a gentleman worked with new clowns and who on several occasions paid for registration fees, hotel rooms, etc. for clowns who were just starting out and did not have money to come to a convention.  It was decided this fellow was a Humanitarian and hence the name Clownatarian.

This award was never intended as a Clown of the Year type award but as a thank you to a good human being who was   always there to lend a helping hand in any way they could to other clowns.  For the first, at least 15 years the trophy award was purchased and given to a person chosen by the Keystone Klowns, eventually as many of them passed away or left the clown world for various reasons, the MACA decided to take over the presentation of the award.
This year we have re-organized the selection committee to   include more currently active members and have decided this committee will be made up of previous Clownatarians award winners that are currently serving on the MACA Board of Directors.  Therefore, this year’s selection committee will include Nellie May, Darlene Morgan, George Caban, John Kral, Sandi Smith, Bill Schober, and Mark St. Marie.

To be selected as a Clownatarian, a clown is nominated by a member of MACA by submitting a letter to the selection committee stating why this person should be considered for this award.  These letters are reviewed without names of the person being nominated or the person nominating them being noted so that the nomination is based on good deeds only. 
Please send any nominations you have for the 2018 award to me at:
                                                                                                                  to my home 169 Buckingham Dr., Southampton, NJ 08088
and I will see to it that the current selection committee receives your nominations.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I will try to answer.
Sandi “Dot” Smith
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