Willie From Philly Scholarship          

William "Willy from Philly" Clegg had been the Mid-Atlantic Clown Association Education Director for many years and was a strong advocate for clown education. He strived to foster growth in other clowns and always had kind words and something new to show us. He had a loving and giving spirit. 
He was always the official greeter at every function. At conventions, you will find him roaming the halls introducing himself to all the new clowns and joking with those he knew. Knowing Willie was a gift that we gave ourselves.
Willie's motto was "I love being a clown"  and he surely did. At the 2007 convention, he was "in clown" every day, caring and sharing his wonderful warmth with anyone willing to partake of his presence. Willie loved being a clown and he truly had the heart of a clown. It was who he was and he was proud to share his gifts with us.
The MACA board wanted a special way to preserve Willie's memory and pass on his passion for education and sharing. The board decided to create the Willie From Philly Scholarship Fund. Willie was all about growth and learning and we feel this was an excellent way to carry on his memory. 
The scholarship is available to first time MACA attendees who are new clowns wishing to enhance their clown education.  
The scholarship winner will be chosen by an interview process conducted by the scholarship committee. 
Below is a link to the scholarship Form. 
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